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Vox clamantis

My article “Gower and the Peasants’ Revolt” has been published in the journal Representations, summer 2015 issue. Here is the abstract and article opening. abstract    The Rising of 1381, or Peasants’ Revolt, was the largest popular insurrection in premodern … Continue reading

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Boethius in Medieval England

I have contributed a chapter on Boethius’s Consolation of Philosophy to the forthcoming Oxford History of Classical Reception in English Literature, vol. 1: The Middle Ages. Written in 524-25, on the cusp of antiquity and the Middle Ages, the Consolation … Continue reading

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Medieval Governmentalities

[cfp for a roundtable session I am organizing at the 2014 Congress of the New Chaucer Society, to be held in Reykjavík, Iceland.] Medieval Governmentalities How does an intention to govern become realized within different scales and contexts of community? … Continue reading

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Foucault at Kalamazoo

[What follows is a version of the framing statement I presented at the session “The History of Ethics: Continuations of Foucault’s Final Project,” held on 11 May 2013 at Kalamazoo. Inspiration for this session came from Claire Waters’s paper, “Giving … Continue reading

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Ways of Living: ENGL 114 S13

In this writing seminar, we study how and why human beings come to be concerned with their own ways of living. What prompts a “way of life” to emerge as a problem for people who live in that way? In the name of what, and by … Continue reading

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